Leading the way as Cambodia’s premier mobile operator, Smart Axiata has been revolutionizing network connectivity for businesses throughout the Kingdom. The telecommunications company continues to innovate to give businesses a competitive edge, crafting communication solutions that empower enterprises and drive their success.

Its steady evolution of business services is indicative of a customer-first approach. The operator’s finger is on the pulse of Cambodia’s fast-growing industries, enabling it to identify the unique challenges companies face and deliver solutions – as its growing number of offerings exemplifies.

Unlocking unparalleled connectivity with Smart Fiber+

Businesses searching for reliable, high-speed Internet to support their growth need look no further than Smart Fiber+. This new fiber-optic Internet service from Smart Axiata ensures fast, symmetrical download and upload speeds.

Smart Fiber+ delivers impressive speeds – starting at 100Mbps – and can be scaled-up to several gigabits as required. The consistent speeds are powered by cutting-edge technology that ensures uninterrupted connectivity. Smart Fiber+ plans can be tailored to meet companies’ unique needs, and each is accompanied by exceptional benefits that elevate operations.

Revolutionizing data flows with Smart DPLC

Smart DPLC (domestic private leased circuit) is a service designed to ensure uninterrupted and secure data flows through dedicated point-to-point connections with extremely low latency. Many businesses across Cambodia currently rely on conventional Internet networks to send data, placing it at increased risk. Smart Axiata’s DPLC service provides a physical, private network that securely links branches and offices, enabling them to send data – encrypted end-to-end – without risk. The mobile operator’s DPLC service safeguards data transfers through a dedicated capacity. Its advanced safety features offer complete peace of mind by maintaining a secure working environment.

Smart Axiata’s SD-WAN transforms network infrastructure management

When local areas reach their broadband capacity, DPLC may not be an option for businesses seeking to establish secure data connections. This is where Smart Axiata’s SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) comes in. Using the Internet as a data pathway, it allows for the secure local and global transfer of data. The service protects sensitive data with advanced security features, including end-to end encryption, firewall capabilities, and traffic segmentation, ensuring the utmost security even over public Internet connections. Smart Axiata is bringing the power of SD-WAN to businesses throughout Cambodia, helping them to revolutionize their network infrastructure and drive efficiency, cost savings, security, and scalability.

Managed Wi-Fi by Smart Axiata puts businesses in control

Smart Axiata’s managed W-Fi service gives companies complete authority over their network and its accessibility. Tailored to each business’s needs, managed Wi-Fi ensures optimal performance, and the end-to-end configuration and installation is managed by Smart Axiata’s experts. This software solution enables businesses to restrict websites and manage permissions, as well as allocate bandwidth to optimize network resources. With extensive security protocols and 24/7 remote monitoring for threats by technical professionals, businesses can trust that their Wi-Fi network is in safe hands.