Tiger Beer Ignites Khmer New Year Spirit with Unforgettable Drone Show and Celebrations

As the vibrant festivities of Khmer New Year was felt between April 13th and 16th, the celebratory spirit was notably elevated by an array of engaging activities centered around the Tiger Headquarters in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Poipet. This year, the event not only served as a hub for the festive joy and water games, but also set a new benchmark for innovative entertainment in Cambodia.

On the evening of April 14th, Siem Reap Songkran participants were treated to an awe-inspiring drone show, a highlight orchestrated by Tiger Beer. With hundreds of drones illuminating the sky, the spectacle offered a fusion of light and color, captivating the audience with a demonstration of technological creativity. This event underscored the brand’s dedication to enhancing traditional celebrations with modern twists, successfully bringing a slice of international entertainment experiences to the local festivities.

The initiative to integrate such new entertainment was warmly received, as expressed by the Marketing Director of HEINEKEN Cambodia, Willem Van Den Wijngaart. “Participating in this grand celebration has been immensely gratifying. Our aim to unify and create lasting memories was met with overwhelming enthusiasm by the whole crowd, and we are immensely happy by the participants’ reception,” he stated.

In a thoughtful move to keep party-goers in the mood for longer celebrations through all New Year nights, Tiger Beer established designated water and beer refill stations throughout the three cities! This arrangement ensured that the water games remained uninterrupted, with attendees freely engaging in the festivities.

Music played a pivotal role in keeping the energy levels high, with engaging DJs delivering an eclectic mix of tunes that resonated well with the diverse crowd. The cosmopolite atmosphere of locals, regional tourists and internationals buzzed with vibrancy for the nights, accentuated by laughter and cheers emanating from the numerous games set up by Tiger Beer. These interactive games, giving opportunities to win rewards, added an extra layer of excitement to the occasion.

Tiger Beer reinforced the importance of responsible consumption with the reminder, “When you drive, never drink”. The brand offered attendees a 6000 riel discount on Grab rides across Phnom Penh and Siem Reap providing alternative transport options back home.

Many attendees of the recent Tiger Beer event highlighted the unique experience it offered. “The Tiger Party and Tiger Squad was truly something different, not your typical night out,” shared a festival-goer. “I’m already looking forward to what they have planned next.”

As the Khmer New Year celebrations wound down, Tiger Beer’s involvement and impact were evident. Through its commitment to innovation, entertainment, and community engagement, the brand firmly established itself as a best choice for all celebrations. Looking ahead, Tiger Beer is eager to continue this tradition, inviting all to be part of the journey and promising even more engaging activities in the future.

Here’s to the shared moments of connection and the promise of more unforgettable experiences with Tiger Beer. IT’S TIGER TIME! CHEERS!

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