From tuxedos to baseball caps, revolutionary technology for stopping bullets and knives is being used to create designer clothing for the world’s elite. Styles include denim, suede, cotton and silk on the outside while materials like Dupont Kevlar and Dyneema provide protection on the inside.

Leaders include designer Miguel Caballero, whose brand is quickly becoming well-known among corporate multi-nationals and special ops forces alike. His goal is to safeguard lives while fitting the lifestyle of each person.

For example, Caballero’s 100% cotton polo shirt has an underlayer made of microfibers to keep the wearer cool and comfortable which creates space for a middle layer of panels able to protect against shots fired from a .44 Magnum, a 9mm or stabbing by a knife

Nothing looks manlier than suede and Caballero creates a variety of clothing from this soft leather. Sports enthusiasts and athletic types might take a look at what Bladerunner (also known as Spymaster) has to offer. Baseball caps, scarves and even denim jackets to bring out the inner-cowboy are available.

For the top off the line, Garrison Bespoke uses nanotechnology fibers in the finest custom suits made-to-order. Being 50% lighter than Kevlar, comfort and style are not sacrificed for strength. Famous for the bulletproof tuxedo, Aspetto has made a name for themselves with a reputation backed up by stories like the agent in Guatemala who survived being shot while wearing an Aspetto T-Shirt. Regardless of the brand, the best in security fashion is there for those who know where to look.

Safeguard lives while fitting the lifestyle of each person nanotechnology fibers in the finest custom suits made-toorder.